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Zagreb Roads (Zagrebačke ceste) is now a subsidiary of Zagreb Holding Ltd. Our company’s registered activities include maintenance, management and protection of public and unclassified roads in the City of Zagreb.

We maintain a total of 2,627 km of roads. In winter, we organise and operate the Winter Road Maintenance Department consisting of 292 crews distributed between 17 locations. We own two asphalt mixing plants, the GRADIS Mixing Plant with the capacity of 150-160 tonnes per hour, assembled in 1990, and the Benninghoven Mixing Plant with the capacity of 240 tonnes per hour, assembled in 2013. We maintain vertical and horizontal traffic signs and equipment across the road network, including 457 locations equipped with traffic lights.
We also maintain road facilities and bridges, including 94 bridges with a span of over 10 m (56 in county and 38 in local roads) and seven large bridges: the Podsused Bridge, the Jankomir Bridge, the Jadran Bridge, the Sava Bridge, the Bridge of Freedom, the Bridge of Youth, and the Homeland Bridge.

We also issue public delegations in line with laws and regulations, issuing permits for works on former public and classified roads, and authorizations for temporary traffic regulations during works on unclassified roads.

We participate in the development of programmes and in the performance of works in small municipal actions in the city districts. We also repair excavation sites and road damage caused by the laying of public utility installations or the performance of other works damaging roads, and we set up temporary traffic regulation for the duration of the works on the roads.

We have the expertise and the manpower to do all regular and emergency maintenance work and to manage and protect the roads of the City of Zagreb.

The quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2008 standards serves as the guarantee of the quality of our works.

Director: Jurica Krleža
Donje Svetice 48, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: 01 2356 444
Fax: 01 2356 400

OIB: 85584865987-008
Rn: 2360000-1400480314