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Road Management Units (RMUs)

Road Management Units are the basic operating units in charge of road maintenance in the City of Zagreb.

Their activities are:

3.1.1 Regular road maintenance

Regular road maintenance includes works on asphalted pavements and stone pavements, maintenance of curbs, cuttings, kerfs and embankments, maintenance of drainage facilities, repairs of municipal infrastructure elements, curbstones and side ditches, grass moving, and repairing damage caused by abnormal events.

3.1.2 Extraordinary road maintenance

Extraordinary road maintenance includes works of larger scopes, such as coating larger pavement surfaces.
Larger pavement surfaces are defined as surfaces of 500 m2 or larger. Coating is preceded by all required preliminary actions, including milling of the existing asphalt pavement, the required side ditch and curbstone repairs, installation of the municipal infrastructure elements at the future correct level line and replacement of these elements with new ones, if required, sub-base repair, if required, pavement profiling and pavement coating with new layers of asphalt. Horizontal and vertical traffic signs are set up in the final stage, as required.

3.1.3. Excavation site repairs

RMUs also repair planned damage to road and sidewalk pavements caused by different contractors in order to repair the existing or build new municipal installations. The repairs commence after the contractor at the excavation site reports the works are finished.

3.1.4 Small Municipal Actions

Statute of the City of Zagreb defines Small Municipal Actions (SMAs) as the construction, renovation and maintenance of minor municipal infrastructure facilities and minor public facilities, designed to improve the municipal standard for the citizens in a city district, which are not a part of another programme (such as minor segments of the local connection to the water supply network, sewerage network, gas, electrical power, distribution TV, green spaces, parks and children’s playgrounds, routes, side roads and sidewalks, fountains and public water wells, religious, cultural, sports and other public facilities).

SMAs are the most important instrument of direct influence for City District Councils and Local Committee Councils to address the municipal and other common needs of the residents of the local committees and city districts. The Actions include a wide array of interventions not encompassed by the City’s other programmes and are a very important addition to these programmes, especially when it comes to the specific needs of certain narrow city areas. They are financed from the funds allocated to this purpose for the City Districts in the city budget.

City District Councils make their annual SMA plans on their own based on the full scope of requirements in their respective city district areas, and their own estimates concerning the priority of these needs, following the proposals of the Local Committee Councils and the requests of City District inhabitants as much as possible. The Local Self-Government Department gathers the information about the needs and the technical capacities to address these needs. The same department is in charge of SMA realisation.



Remetinečka cesta 109, 10020 Zagreb
Includes five city districts: Trnje, Trešnjevka – jug, Novi Zagreb – istok, Novi Zagreb – zapad i Brezovica.
Road management unit schedule


Jelkovečka 4, 10360 Zagreb
Includes three city districts: Sesvete, Donja Dubrava i Peščenica – Žitnjak.
Road management unit schedule


Prilaz baruna Filipovića 9, 10000 Zagreb
Includes six city districts: Donji Grad, Gornji grad - Medveščak, Trešnjevka sjever, Črnomerec, Stenjevec i Podsused - Vrapče.
Road management unit schedule


Bukovačka cesta 4, 10000 Zagreb
Includes three city districts: Gornja Dubrava, Maksimir i Podsljeme.
Road management unit schedule