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Machinery is a specialised operating unit responsible for securing the required vehicles and machinery, repairing the vehicles and machinery, and monitoring the performance of work assignments through the GPS centre.

3.6.1. Dispatcher Centre

Dispatcher Centre assigns and dispatches vehicles and machinery to work assignments based on the requirements of the other operating units.

3.6.2. Mechanic Workshop

Workshop does auto mechanic, auto electrical, auto body repair and body painting works, as well as locksmith and other works as required.
Work done in the workshop includes rails, machinist work, and other work for the RMUs.
Work done in the field includes guard rails and locksmith work as ordered by other operating units.

3.6.3. GPS Centre

A state-of-the-art GPS centre tracking the location of every vehicle currently in the field at all times using GPS. Such tracking makes it much easier to track and control the movements of the vehicles, especially in the Winter Road Maintenance Department.  All this is coordinated by the GPS Centre, which tracks all changes and reacts when needed.
The Centre also developed a quick ice spotting system spanning 17 meteorological stations set up and evenly distributed across the City of Zagreb.